Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

So much for "several" posts this week. Oh well.

I was home from work with the kids on Tuesday and and Thursday, which I loved! It reminds me of the good ole' days of part time work! On Tuesday we had a fun St. Patrick's Day together. We went to the Public Library in the morning to hear a bagpiper play and join in a fun "green" craft. San Marcos is really good at putting fun and free activities together for families. It's great to live in a small town.
Here are the girls with their shamrock headbands.
Try as we might, Cambria was NOT going to keep that thing on her head!
("no way, Mama!")
For dinner that night, I gave it my first attempt at New England Boiled Dinner. Now, I had to question why this would be a popular choice for St. Patricks Day, considering it's from New England. But I was reassured that there were bound to be Irish roots. Regardless, it was good, and a fun new thing for the family to try. Tom, who is not a lover of cabbage, even went back for cabbage seconds!
And we topped the evening off with shamrock cupcakes that the kids got to decorate on their own. Fun!
It was a great day!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a great time. Nathan enjoyed checking on who was wearing green that day. We also had a "boiled" dinner, but decorated shamrock sugar cookies instead! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Kim!

the mccann clan said...

Aw, fun! We, as you know, always like to celebrate big for St. Patrick's Day! :) The girls look darling, and I hope Tom had a great birthday too.

Miss you guys - still hoping you can come this July! We just got a new swing set that Papa and Collin are going to put together in June, so it'll be all ready for the cousins if you can come visit!! :)