Monday, June 8, 2009

Dance Recital

Avery had her dance recital on Friday and Saturday of this past weekend. Can I just say, it was cute, and exhausting, and cute...! In fact, perhaps I should titled this post as the Week of Dance! It seemed to be all consuming last week, with group pictures at the studio on Tuesday, dress rehearsal on Thursday and the recital on Friday night and Saturday. One thing I will say about The Pointe Dance Studio that she goes to, is it's very professionally run and operated. As if all these children are being reared up to be professional dancers. And maybe they will be - who knows!!? They put on a great performance. While I was there volunteering back stage on Friday night, one of the other mom's told me, "Ms. Katherine (the owner) doesn't put on a recital, she puts on a show!!" And so she did. Anyway, here are a few pictures of Avery in her costume.

And as a side note (if you haven't had enough cute for the day), our neighbor invited us over this weekend to pick our fill of homegrown tomatoes. The kids LOVED it, especially because our tomato plants have yet to flower for some reason!! We've known for a while that Cambria is a lover of tomatoes and will eat them until we take them away! She got a hold of one and munched on it for the entire wagon ride back to our house until it was totally gone! Gotta love summer gardens!


Jennifer said...

I was hoping to see pictures of Avery from her dance recital (er, show)! :) She is beautiful! It looks like she really enjoyed herself! What did she dance to?

...and Cambria with her little homegrown tomato! I love it! My nephew, too, had a strong love for tomatoes! That brought back a few memories of him popping cherry and grape tomatoes on after another! :)

the mccann clan said...

So fun! Avery looks like a doll in her costume - I so wish I could've seen the "show!" And Cambria with those tomatoes was adorable too! What a fun Summer you're having so far.

Love ya!