Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Non-Christmas Pictures

With the babies, I've always tried to do pictures every 3 months until they are 1 year and since Cambria was at the 6 month mark - it was time. So, I called Penney's and scheduled our appointment for the earliest time possible for last Saturday. Anyone that has taken young children to get pictures done knows - go during the week and go early. Unfortunately, now that Carson's in school and I'm working M-F I knew my first rule would have to be broken. I scheduled it for a Saturday but at least I was able to get 1030, thinking that they opened at 10am. 10:30 would be only the 2nd appt of the day so they shouldn't be too far behind, right?
After the appt was made, I then (agonized) umm, contemplated for a week over what they could wear that wouldn't require me spending lots of money on new clothes (darn it)!
And the day arrives. We pack everyone up in the car with extra brush, spray bottle, hair spray, hair bows and clips, bib for the baby, etc (you all know) and we headed to the mall. Because we are always on the verge of being late, if not already way past late, a jumble of May kids plus 2 parents bustle through the mall and are then stopped short by (literally) a crowd of people standing OUTSIDE of the studio waiting area at Penney's. Lots of kids and less parents all standing around in their Christmas finest, waiting.... I think we were the only crazies who were there to NOT get Christmas pictures. Why I didn't remember never to go get pictures on a Saturday close to Christmas - I don't know. And as it turns out they open at 9am during the holiday season, not 10 as I originally thought. So, what are we to do, but join the waiting. And we did. Our appointment was at 10:30, I believe we were taking pictures at 11:30 and finally out the door at 12:15. And not a moment too soon since all of our kiddos were, of course, dying of starvation! Oh well, it is almost a humorous memory by now, made somewhat better by the CUTE kids in (the non Christmas) pictures I now have. :)

And if that wasn't enough cute for ya, feel free to login to our Smiles by Wire at https://www.smilesbywire.com/home.asp?AC=LTPP0822102971JCP and just type in Kim May next to customer name. Enjoy!


the mccann clan said...

Love them! They're all so cute... and the pictures aren't bad either! ;o) Thanks for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kristen and Dave said...

they are adorable! how did you get them all to look so happy after all that chaos?? good for you! and in that solo pic, Valie looks so much like Janelle!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh this makes my heart SO HAPPY. The pictures turned out great - particularly considering the ORDEAL of it all.

(I've taken D for studio pictures once at six months and once at nine months and that is it! I'd have to go on Xanax to ever do that again. TOO STRESSFUL for this mama!)

celeste (and brandy and jenni) said...

Brandy, Jenni and I all want to drop out of school and have babies after looking at those photos. You are a horrible influence on us!!!!! The pictures are more precious than words can say and we miss you all sooooo much. (The three of us are avoiding our crazy families and doing thanksgiving together in oklahoma this year so pray that we dont burn the turkey!) xoxo your favorite babysitters

Jennifer B. @ jcbearden@msn.com said...

Those pictures are sooo cute!!! We are going to get pictures done this Friday. Every picture is adorable. I had to show Corey and Nathan and they both loved them. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bruce Judisch said...

We've noted this before, but, given the gene pool, how could they turn out any other way? :-)

Great pix, Kim!

Love, Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

You have a gorgeous family!!!