Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Collector

Every family has one. You know, the one who can't throw anything away. The one who wants to save everything, just in case...! In my family there are at least 2 - so far. And it drives me nuts. Tom and Avery are two peas in a pod when it comes to "collecting" things. Avery is the child I have to hide trash from. If I throw something away that she once owned (or touched, for that matter) it must be hidden at the bottom of the trash can. Otherwise, I will either find it again the next day somewhere else or I will be faced with the heartfelt, "Who threw this away???!!!" question while looking into large anguished eyes. "But, Mommy, I wanted this!"

So, tonight, after pulling out new toothbrushes for everyone and tossing the old ones into the trash can, I could see the look in Avery's eyes.
Avery: Why do we have to throw toothbrushes away?
Me: Because they are old and it's good to get new ones sometimes.
Avery: But why can't we save them?
Me: Because we don't need them anymore.
Avery: (thinking.....) Well, don't they have a toothbrush recycle?
Me: (LOL) Ewww! I don't think anyone would want a recycled toothbrush!
Avery: (smiles)

At least she's thinking "green"! :)


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

A child after my own heart, that one is. "But SOMEONE could use this!" I love it. She is such a sweetheart.

Bruce Judisch said...

Of course, she got that down through her grammy's know...not mine. Of course...not sure why I even felt I should qualify that. :-)

Love, Dad

the mccann clan said...

How funny! I'm sure Moira would share the sentiment of keeping an old toothbrush - but more for the sake of "gifting" it to someone else!! Kids are so funny...