Sunday, January 4, 2009

What's In His Future?

So we have this book. It's called Ingredients and it's been a wonderful addition to our kitchen collection. With stunningly beautiful photographs it documents every type of food ingredient that you could possibly use and more. I love it. Tom loves it. And it turns out that our 6 year old little boy also loves it! This book has been his bedtime story of choice for the last several nights. As I sit here in the livingroom I can hear Tom reading to Carson all about the different cheeses that exist in our world. It's quite endearing. And I'm glad for the little eccentricities that are welcome family members in our home.


Jennifer said...

I love that!!! It is neat to see different interests develop in children (especially your own). I can't wait to discover things about Kate's personality that will be different than Nathan's. Maybe Carson will be a future top Chef! Wouldn't that be a great addition to your family!!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Carson is such a creative soul - this interest is no surprise to me! Look at those pictures - who wouldn't be entralled? Also, Carson has such a love for learning things. There's no TELLING what is in his future!

the mccann clan said...

So sweet! He came by the love of food (especially cheese!) honestly!!