Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Graduation - Kinder Style!

Last month, in the midst of clearing over 500 bachelors degree candidates at work for my College at Texas State University, our family was celebrating graduation on the other end of the spectrum. Carson graduated from Kindergarten to 1st grade and Avery graduated from Pre-K to Kinder! :) I'm sure my pride at each (very cute) ceremony could easily rival those parents I saw watching their college grads walk the stage! Here are a few pictures.

Carson waiting with his class to "walk the stage"

With his class on stage
Checking out his diploma

Avery's graduating class

So smart.... ;)
Her 2 very sweet best friends from pre-k
I can't believe I now have 2 school aged kiddos! :)

In addition to that excitement, the month of May held so many busy activities, I don't even know where to start. We had Spring performances at church and school, award ceremonies (Carson received a "Terrific Kid" award in his class), Field Days and Splash Days at school, Field trips, etc..... Not to mention, work was extremely busy for me in May.

And June is gearing up to be just as busy. The three oldest kids will be attending a Summer Fun Day Camp at a christian school here in town, 3 days a week during the summer. Summer Fun will involve swimming, gymnastics, bowling, and other activities every week. And we've hired a very sweet high school student from church to come to our home to watch Cambria on 2 of those 3 days when Tom and I will both be at work. They are very excited about all of that! I'll try to post as I can, but be patient if electronic contact slows down for me as other things occupy my time! :)

Baby #5 update: Things are moving along, quite literally! I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow and have been feeling lots of tiny movements this past week. How fun! I had a regular OB appt last Thursday and got to hear a strong heartbeat! We have scheduled our 20 week ultrasound for June 23rd, which I'm so excited about. It's always so nice to get that confirmation of another healthy baby!

Happy Summer! Check back later for more updates!


Jennifer said...

Wow, little have been incredibly busy! It is good to read a new blog from you. :)
I love all of the pictures.
It sounds like the kids are going to have SO much fun this summer in their summer camp! What fun!
17 weeks?! Time is flying! I am also thrilled to hear that you heard a strong healthy heartbeat. Praise God!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

sniff sniff

Can't BELIEVE it! I can't believe you are 17 weeks already, too. Wow. Amazing.

Miss you guys SO MUCH. XOXO

the mccann clan said...

Lots of WONDERFUL news! All the kids are growing beauitfully, and we're so excited about #5 making a healthy start too! :)

Love you all very much!

David said...

God Bless you lead you with His Love & anointing.