Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet May Baby #5!

Tom and I had the joy of seeing our newest child this past Tuesday, through the 20 week ultrasound. Yay! We are happy to report that Baby is growing perfectly and is right on track developmentally! Praise God! As with all but one of our previous pregnancies, we chose to wait on finding out gender. Thank goodness Tom is strong in our resolve to be patient. I, for one, get to the room and falter in my resolution every time. But he did not! And, after the fact, I am so glad for the surprise that awaits us when we get to hold this new family member. There is nothing like it!
Meet Baby #5! :)
May Baby clip #1

May Baby clip #2

And, here is a rare glimpse of me by picture during pregnancy. This shot was taken on Tuesday after our ultrasound. (I know, I look huge! Can I make my excuse be because it's #5!?!!!)
20 weeks

I am so grateful to have the confirmation that everything is great with this little one so far. We're 1/2 way there!!! :)


the mccann clan said...

Yea for pics of baby #5!! That first profile picture looks just like a May baby - I love it! And, I love that you had video clips to post too, that's so fun. Babies are such a miracle... even the 5th time around. Oh, and you look great too! You're such a pretty pregnant woman!! :)

Much love to you and that sprout you're growing too! Keep up the good work. :)

the mccann clan said...

PS - I do wish you had found out the sex though... but I guess it'll be a fun surprise in the end. ;-) Love ya.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

HOORAY! That baby TOTALLY looks like a May Baby. Oh, I cannot WAIT!

I can't believe you are halfway there. You look darling, friend.


Kristen and Dave said...

you look great!! and so glad you didn't find out...its so much better that way!! yay for babies!!!