Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We have a climber!

We have noticed in the past few days that Cambria seems to have discovered her insane climbing ability. Maybe, it's just been awhile since I've had a 14 month old, but I don't remember so much crazy climbing going on at this age!
The other night we were in Avery and Valie's room getting them ready for bed and I turn around to see Cambria attempting the bottom step of Avery's top bunk ladder. I stand there to observe exactly how far she'll get, and in a matter of moments she is at the top (SO proud of herself), crawling around all over Avery's bed! We now must remember to remove the ladder during the day!
And yesterday when I got home from work, Tom tells me about how she carried the little foot stool over to the kitchen table. Then used it to climb onto the chair and from there got up onto the table. Crazy girl! I have a feeling we could be in trouble with this one! :)


Bruce Judisch said...

Ya know, I'm desperately trying to think of where she may have gotten this... :-)

Kim said...

Yes. I figured you would be. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, my!! She is so excited about it, too! Kate is a natural climber as well. She (by her birthday) was climbing up to the top part of the swingset (by the slide) on her own...and SHE also drags chairs to the spots where she feels the need to be taller (I do know she got that idea from Nathan, though)!
I will have to tell you about one of her climbing stories sometime soon! I just can't imagine all of the fun those two will have in the Fall in their new classroom at school. Their teachers will be VERY busy!!