Thursday, April 30, 2009

Name Change!

That's right! This blog has changed it's name from The May Six to.... The May Seven! How's that for an intro into "We're Pregnant"!!!! Yes, again. :)
It took a little while for it to sink in, but I believe we are ready to make it known to the world that we will be welcoming this 5th little blessing into our lives in early November. We are thrilled, and humbled, that God has given us another one of His children, along with the promise that He will never give us more than we can handle!!

So, may I perhaps answer some questions for you that you may be inclined to ask, in hopes that you will join with us in the Joy that is a Child.
*Was it planned? Always - in God's plan!
*Was this an accident? There are no accidents - certainly not when we're talking children.
*Don't you know what causes this? Most definitely, thank you very much.
*How are you feeling? Um, tired, thanks. :)
*Are you happy? Of course, how could we be otherwise?
*Are you crazy? Only crazy in love, with each other and our kiddos!

Hopefully, I covered most of them for you. If not check here where you'll probably find your question and you can pick your own answer!! :) Or feel free to ask me, I will happily hear any questions or comments on one condition - that they are not negative!! We only want positive thoughts around here, thanks!! :)

I would love to leave you with some reading material on children and God's Plan. I found my way over to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for a beautiful post that explains so well her thoughts on family - to which I say "Amen!". If you don't have time to read it, let me tell you in summary Jennifer writes, "Children are only burdens when they're theoretical. Once they're here, you don't need any further analysis to know that they are priceless gifts from God, that whatever you had to sacrifice for them to exist was a small price to pay."

Please also visit my online friend, Courtney at Storing Up Treasures in Heaven. She eloquently writes, "I believe the world NEEDS more people who will change it. I believe the world needs more people who will preach the gospel to the lost. I believe that God desires this also. I believe that He is pleased when a new life enters the world or an orphan finds a home. I believe the angels rejoice. Satan's greatest tool is to deceive Christians into thinking that children are a burden. These days many Christians are choosing not to have children. When Christians stop having children, the world grows darker. One day we will not be here, and our children and grandchildren will need to carry the torch. They will need to be a light in an ever increasing dark world."

We are thrilled with the upcoming addition to our family. We hope you will share in our joy and excitement!! Thanks for being a part of our lives! :)


the mccann clan said...

Well put, Kim! A whole-hearted congratulations to my dear sister, brother-in-law and their wonderful family!! :) We rejoice with you in the blessing that is your 5th child, and we're so excited to meet him or her. I only wish we could be a little closer for this one too!

May this pregnancy go smoothly and peacefully, and may God bless you for opening your hearts and home to another one of His precious creations.

With all our love,
Janelle, Collin, Moira, Ian & baby #3

Bruce Judisch said...

Amen and amen!

Love your post, love your kids, love you!

- Mom & Dad

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I got all teary reading this. I wish I was there to celebrate this newest life and newest blessing with you! As you know, I am thrilled. You and Tom have created a beautiful, loving, wonderful family and your impact on many is so evident. Congrats again!

(By the way, my favorite response to "do you know what causes that?" is, "yes! and we're really good at it!" hee hee)

Kristen and Dave said...

KIM!!!! Congratulations, to you and Tom and your crew! so happy for you, no negative comments here, my friend! we seriously need to get together soon!!

Jennifer said...

Yay, for the announcement! You know that I am so excited for you guys!
Hey, you should watch the YouTube video that Corey posted on his blog that "kinda" goes along with Courtney's blog post.
I love your comment that, "We are thrilled, and humbled, that God has given us another one of His children, along with promise that He will never give us more that we can handle!" LOVE IT and Big Congratulations!

Janice and family said...

We are thrilled! Yay! More Babies!!!!!

The Pauls' Family said...

I found your blog from your comment on your sister's. Congratulations!

Ali said...

We are so excited for you and Tom. I'm thrilled to meet the newest May child. All of your children are so sweet and I love getting hugs from them every week. Hope you have a smooth pregnancy.