Friday, April 24, 2009

1st Birthday Joy!

My sweet, sweet little Cambria is 1 year old today! How, on earth, did this happen? Where did the year go?
One year ago, at 6:40am, she entered our lives and changed our world forever. During this year she has learned so much, and taught us so much - like what a blessing the 4th child is!
  • Cambria has mastered the "look" of shy coyness that only little girls know how to do. Who teaches this look? :) She will wrap you around her little finger with this look, so watch out!
  • Cambria can hug you sweeter and tighter than any little 1 year old I've ever met!
  • Cambria can make you laugh out loud at the little dances she does every time she hears music (or something that resembles music). All this while she tries so hard to maintain her balance!
  • Cambria can make her Daddy pick her up into his big, strong arms at every little whimper. (Early-learned manipulation?! Nah!!)
  • Cambria will give you the most innocent, sweetest, most beautiful smile you will ever see - with zero prompting.
We love you so much!


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday, sweet Cambria! We love you!

the mccann clan said...

We love you too, dear Cambria! Can't believe it's been a year since your arrival into our worlds. Can't wait to see you again, and get one of those squeezy hugs your Mom mentioned!!

Much love,
Aunt Janelle