Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Weekend

I realize this post is coming a bit late, but better late than never, right? Easter weekend was joy and a blessing for the May Family. We had a great combination of the May Six family time, along with May-Judisch extended family time! We left on Friday to head up to Norman, Oklahoma to visit with my brother and his family. We decided to take the time on Friday to stop at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose, Texas. It was a beautiful drive that ended in a beautiful stop on the Paluxy River. The river was low enough for us to be able to see lots of dinosaur prints while splashing around in a few inches of running water. Fun was had by all, and we know it's definitely a place we will stop again soon.Late afternoon, we continued our drive towards Norman. After running into stand-still traffic in Ft. Worth we decided to pull off the side of the road and get dinner and a hotel for the night. A very wise decision.

The next morning we finished the three hour drive to Norman and got there in time for lunch and non-stop play time with cousins. Easter Sunday we were able to visit my brother's church for Easter Mass, which was a great opportunity to see where he and his family were worshipping. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner and more visiting with family and friends. It was so nice to have my parents up there as well, and to be able to visit with so many family at once.

Dying Easter Eggs

Easter Baskets on Sunday morning

After church

We also took the time to celebrate Cambria and, her cousin, Lillian's 1st birthdays. Cambria turns 1 April 24th and Lillian turned 1 on the 19th - 5 days earlier. Great fun for all of us!
Such good memories!! Thanks for hosting us, Neal and Janice! We love you guys!


Jennifer said...

Yay! It was fun to hear about your trip earlier, but even more fun to see the pictures of it, too! I hope Cambria has a sweet birthday tomorrow! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone! Love you!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

This is not POSSIBLE. She cannot be one. No way.

ALL of the kids look so much bigger. It makes me kind of sad. BUT those are some precious May kids pics. So glad your trip was fun. Maybe next time!

the mccann clan said...


Yea - pictures! We wish we could've been there too, but it looks like fun was had by all! I can't believe how big Cambria looks by the way, she's looking more and more like a toddler and less like a baby. My, that happens fast.

Oh - and where did you find all the adorable matching Easter dresses for the girls?! SO CUTE!!!

Love to all of you!